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Multi-layer warning light is a signal for industrial production equipment and transmission control operations that transmits visual or acoustic signals to machine operators, technicians, production managers and factory personnel.

Chinese name Multi-layer signal tower light, tower light, industrial warning light Foreign name stack light, signal tower light, waring light

Multi-layer signal warning light in English is called Stack Ligh [1] t, also called indicator light, industrial signal light, tower light. It is commonly used in industrial production equipment and transmission control operations to transmit machine status or transmission status to machine operators, technicians, production managers and plant personnel with visual and acoustic signals.

product manual

1 building block assembly

The TL50, 70, 90 series warning system's modular assembly method is very convenient to disassemble and assemble. The installation and maintenance personnel can quickly and easily install and maintain the components as needed, which greatly improves the efficiency of the staff.

2 integrated photoelectric system

The TL50, 70, and 90 warning systems perfectly integrate the optical system and the electrical system, which not only reduces the installation height of the entire system by about 30%, but also enables maintenance personnel to maintain the entire system in a layered manner, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

3 protection level

In order to meet the needs of different equipment use, TL50, 70, 90 warning system fully considers the application of various environments in the design process. The protection level is up to IP65 and the application is not limited.

4 light source type

TL50, 70, 90 optical components are available in a variety of light source types. LED, super bright LED, bromine tungsten lamp and xenon lamp. Among them, the brightness of super bright LED is more than 3 times that of ordinary LED, and there are more colors to choose from, such as pure white, pure green and pure blue, the service life is also greatly extended, and the normal environment can run 100,000 hours, eliminating Daily maintenance work.

5 source type;

TL50, 70, 90 sound components have a variety of sound source types for users to choose, buzzer, speaker, music, language, to meet the requirements of different environments.

6 free combinations:

Different combinations represent different functions, and the JD series combined warning system can be easily combined according to different needs of users.

7 quality assurance:

The products have passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, CCC certification, CE certification, TUV certification, CCS classification society certification and many other certificates.