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Industry Service Technology: A brief description of the yellow traffic light of solar traffic lights!

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The solar yellow flashing lamp does not need to be connected to any power supply, requires no maintenance, and has a service life of up to 15 years. It can be used in a harsh working environment, and truly achieves the light effect at any time and any place.

Technical Parameters:

1. The indicators of this product are in line with the requirements of GB14887.

2. The yellow flash period is adjustable from 0 to 10S, the yellow flash duty ratio is adjustable from 0.01 to 0.99, and the time precision is 0.1S.

3, the working mode is three: 24H continuous yellow flash (day and night), yellow flash (night) and automatic yellow flash when the illumination is lower than 600LUX.

4, working environment, working temperature -40 ° C +70 ° C, not affected by the geographical environment, against typhoon, anti-ice, anti-humidity. On continuous rainy days, it lasts for 10 days without internal maintenance.

5, the working power supply does not need to connect any power supply, but with an external power port, can be divided into AC220V ± 15%, 110V ± 15%, 110-220, DC 12V.

6. Internal parameters Lamp working voltage DC 12V+3V (12V-1V) working power 0.3A solar silicon light battery output power 15W voltage 17.9V, battery using valve-controlled maintenance-free lead-acid battery (12V 7AH).

Installation and maintenance:

1. When the lamp is used, it can be connected according to three working modes.

2. The solar silicon solar panel should be horizontally oriented to the south, the elevation angle is perpendicular to the sunlight or corrected on the basis of the local latitude. The corrected elevation angle is: southern local latitude + (10 °-15 °) northern local latitude + (5 °-10°).

3, should always pay attention to keep the solar silicon cell array and the lighting surface of the lamps clean and maintenance.

Solar signal light series

"The specifications of this series are: φ300mm, φ400mm.

"Light source: LED (yellow)

"Rated voltage: 12V ± 0.5V

"Working current: 0.5A

"Solar panel life: 15 years

"Battery life: 2 years

"Working mode: yellow flashing all day or yellow flashing at night

"It can still work normally in rainy days for 10 consecutive days.

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