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Design features of multi-layer warning lights

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Five characteristics of industry multi-layer warning lights

1. Material Industry Multi-layer warning light series shells are made of high-quality materials, bright color and good transparency, long-term use without aging fade

2. Appearance The European classic design style is stable and generous, and it is unique and gives you the dynamic and solemnity of mechanical equipment, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the product. Highlight your unique personalization and higher value, and make your products shine with new highlights.

3. Protection grade - IP In order to ensure that the products can be applied to various industries without restrictions, LT series multi-layer warning lights are strictly designed according to the design process, ensuring that each product can reach IP65 protection level. Requirements for use.

4. Personalization In this era of high economic development and market competition, you need more creative products. The multi-layer warning light series of products are available in a variety of varieties for you to choose. The LED multi-layer warning light model has LTA525. LTA530.LTA503.LTA504.LTA505.LTA506.LTA507. LTA508.LTA509.LT50.LT70 and single-layer multi-color series LTA5001.LTA5002.LTE5085 bulb series models have LTA205.LTA207.LTA209 for your own personalized products.

5. Variety of Qisen series multi-layer warning lights are diversified. According to the light source, there are tungsten halogen bulbs and LED light sources. According to the diameter, there are 25mm- LTA525.30mm- LTA530.42mm- LTA503, LTA504.50mm- LT50.55mm- LTA505 , LTA506, LTA507.70mm- LT70.90mm- LTA509.100mm-LTA508 according to the function is divided into constant light, flash type, always bright with bee alarm, shiny with buzzer, according to the variety of installations have vertical, side-mounted , wall-mounted, disc, flanged and foldable.


The special arc table corner is not easily damaged by impact.

The high-strength plastic edging is sturdy, practical, not easily damaged, and is not easy to fall off.

Tripod warning light product introduction:

The portable LED warning light is a new product specially designed for traffic road duty, night car inspection, surveying traffic accident scenes to provide safety warnings and guaranteeing the personal safety of the duty personnel. It can be used in any case, and it can be easily attached to the triangular bracket. With 2~3, a safe area for active warning can be set on the duty site. The eye-catching red and blue LED strobe lights can provide effective safety warnings to motor vehicle drivers hundreds of meters away, allowing the driver enough time to make correct responses, avoid secondary accidents, and ensure the safety of life and property of field personnel.


◆ Red and blue two-layer LED light tube consists of red and blue double lights flashing, red and blue double lights alternately flashing and other warning modes.

◆Using ultra-high brightness LED lamp beads to form a cylindrical light source, the brightness of the light is high, the viewing distance is far, the warning effect is good, and the warning distance is ≥500 meters.

◆ Separable and disassembled, the height of the bracket can be adjusted, the minimum can reach 600mm, the highest can reach 1550mm, adapt to different heights.

◆ The bracket and lamp are separated for easy carrying, and the angle/height can be adjusted at will.

Using ultra-high brightness LED light tube light source 50,000 hours of service life, saving energy, low heat, no maintenance; high-bright strobe LED warning light with retractable bracket (retractable length 60-160mm);

Flash frequency 90-150 times / min;

Material: bracket - metal (retractable length 60-160mm) lampshade - AS, base - ABS.

Protection class IP56.

The product can be equipped with a buzzer.

Volume: 95dB or more.

The installation method is: magnetic fixing.