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Industry Technology: Industrial equipment tricolor lamp, also known as tricolor tower lamp

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The industrial equipment tricolor lamp, also known as the tricolor tower lamp, is one of the warning lamps used in CNC machine tools. He was originally passed from abroad, and his biggest role was to have an early warning effect when the machine was working. Such LED lights are also widely used on machine tools.

The tri-color lamp does not mean that it can only be used in three colors. He only refers to three kinds of red, yellow, green or blue, which are very eye-catching to human vision. It is not enough to make a layer of too high a tri-color lamp. It is best to do five layers.

The tri-color lamp is small, but it is not a trivial matter to choose him. No matter what kind of thing you choose, you have to choose the most suitable thing, and the three-color lamp is the same. So how do you choose a tri-color lamp? The important aspect of the tri-color lamp is also the aspect of heat dissipation. The structure of the outer casing is designed to be as good as the work light of the machine tool. The machine tool will produce huge vibration when it is working, so it must have a certain seismic performance!