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Industry Technology: What should you pay attention to when ordering signal indicators?

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What should I pay attention to when ordering the signal indicator?

The signal indicator is believed to have been seen by everyone. In fact, the traffic lights on the road are also signal lights. Today we are talking about signal indicators that are used in machine tools or mechanical equipment or elsewhere. The role of the indicator light is mainly to remind the role, the friends who have operated the machine for production should know that the operation of the machine has a lot of signal indicators to represent the operation of the machine, and also to help the operators to smoothly and normal production and processing. .


Then generally need to use the signal indicator is ordered in large quantities, then what should you pay attention to during the ordering process?

First of all, we must be clear about our use, whether it is for mechanical equipment or power telecommunications equipment, or mine operation equipment. Because the different specifications require different specifications, the use of different performance is not the same. For example, for mechanical equipment, it must be durable and the color should be bright and vivid. If it is used in wet places, such as mine equipment, it is required to have a certain waterproof performance. So be clear about your use and make choices.

There is also the shape of the indicator light. The shape structure of the indicator light determines the service life of the indicator light. The life of the general semi-metal structure must be more durable than that of the plastic material.