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Industry Technology: What does the signal color mean? Do you know?

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Do you know the meaning of the signal indicator color?

Signal indicators often appear in our lives, such as the breathing lights of Xiaomi mobile phones, and can be regarded as one of the signal lights. There are also traffic lights on the road that provide guidance for us. If the friends who have been in the factory are also very clear, the equipment produced by the factory is now basically mechanized. The mechanical operation requires the signal indicator to the surface of the mechanical operation. Therefore, the signal indicator is an indispensable product for us to provide information guidance. . The signal indicator is colorful, so do you understand the meaning of this color?


In fact, the signal indicator is mainly five colors, the five colors are: red, yellow, green, blue, white. So what do these five colors represent?

Red: Red generally represents an emergency, a dangerous state or a state in which it is necessary to understand the action taken. Danger, prohibited.

Yellow: Yellow generally represents an abnormal state of attention or a state of proximity.

Green: Green generally represents the normal, feasible, and state of progress.

Blue: Blue generally represents a mandatory state and needs to be changed immediately.

White: White appears small, generally used to replace other colors or indicate that blue-green is uncertain.

Remembering the color of the signal indicator, it will be of great help to future life. With the development of technology, there are many types of signal indicators. You must choose the signal indication according to your needs when purchasing.